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Merry Good Enough

By Michael Talbot-Haynes | December 21, 2023

NOW ON VOD! Have you ever been invited to a holiday function that you dread going to, but then you run into the most amazing people you never expected to meet there? That is a joyous surprise waiting for you with the deliciously gritty Christmas drama Merry Good Enough.

Directed by Caroline Keene and Dan Kennedy from a screenplay by Keene, it starts with Lucy (Raye Levine) trying to get out of the office for the holidays. First, she has to survive an elevator ride with her Christmas sweater-wearing co-worker Peg (Marcia DeBonis). Peg is festive as f**k, asking Lucy about her plans and spouting off about how much she loves Christmas. Lucy despises the season and is not looking forward to going to her mom’s house. Her parents are divorced, as her father, George (Joel Murray), left once his hit TV show took off, so she is very bitter about family matters. Her brother Tim (Daniel Desmarais) has flown in from Singapore to visit as well and is with Lucy about not being enthused at all. Their mother, Carol (Susan Gallagher), is happy to see them but definitely gets the feeling that the feeling is not mutual.


“Lucy despises the season and is not looking forward to going to her mom’s house.”

While waiting for their other sister, Cynthia (Comfort Clinton), a successful lawyer, to arrive, Lucy runs into Sam (Sawyer Spielberg), her cute next-door neighbor from back when. That night, Lucy and Carol get into an argument, a bad one. The next morning, on Christmas Eve, Carol has disappeared and her car is missing. Annoyance turns to panic as Lucy and Sam cannot find a trace of their mother. When Cynthia arrives, she is beyond pissed about the whole holiday fiasco. They go to the police station to report their mother missing. Turns out Officer Kate (Sophie von Haselberg) used to date Tim in high school. Just when Christmas could not possibly get crazier, it does…

Merry Good Enough (2023)

Directed: Caroline Keene

Written: Caroline Keene, Dan Kennedy

Starring: Raye Levine, Susan Gallagher, Comfort Clinton, Daniel Desmarais, Joel Murray, Sawyer Spielberg, Sophie von Haselberg , Marcia DeBonis , etc.

Movie score: 9/10

Merry Good Enough Image

"…the best gift you could give yourself this season."

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  1. Raye levine says:

    Thank so much for the thoughtful and meaningful review. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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