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Mermaid Down

By Alan Ng | November 5, 2019

What we know about the mermaid is she likes the water and eats fish, hates humans, and will do anything…anything to return home. This doesn’t bode well for the safety of the facility’s staff or patients. And why is there a ghost in this story?

Mermaid Down is a light, horror/thriller as it has a lot of checkboxes marked for the genre. There’s a monster…the Mermaid. She is menacing, determined, and a vengeful killer. She also has a few mysterious powers. One of which is the jump-scare. The beast also has an antagonist in Dr. Beyer, who has a focused fascination with the Mermaid and will go to the most sadistic lengths to figure her out. We have a myth or legend to solve, and the oddly placed Ghost may play a key in solving the mystery of the mermaid. Then there’s the cast of expendable supporting characters. Can they set aside their personal issues and prejudices to do what’s right or get killed in the end?

Every bloody detail was done practically utilizing ingenious camera angles, quick cuts, and brilliant editing.

There’s a lot to love about Mermaid Down. Without giving too much away, the Mermaid is driven to return to the ocean, whether she gets help from anyone or not. It’s basically the story of E.T. as a group of kids evade the evil scientist and help the lovable alien get home. But instead of said cute alien, it’s a deadly sea creature killing evil-doers along the way.

Another thing you’ll notice and love about Mermaid Down is the meticulous planning by its filmmakers, specifically the way its effects are put together. Director Grellman didn’t just set up a camera and roll. It looks like nothing was easy about filming his story. This is a fantasy film of the mythic mermaid cut in half and all presented without barely a sign of computer effects. Every bloody detail was done practically utilizing ingenious camera angles, quick cuts, and brilliant editing. It’s also a gory film with most of the gory acts done off-camera and in our mind. It shows that the camera tricks of the past are still just as effective as the high-priced, high-tech of today. It’s worth a watch.

Mermaid Down (2019)

Directed: Jeffrey Grellman

Written: Kelly Lauren Baker, Jeffrey Grellman

Starring: Alexandra Bokova, Burt Culver, Meggan Kaiser, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Mermaid Down Image

"…the only way to properly subdue a mermaid is to cut off their tail…right at the torso."

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  1. Linda says:

    I just watched this movie and I really liked it! Of course, we all have different opinions, preferences and likes. I was able to connect to the emotional pain portrayed here. Not everybody can feel that way. And yes, I do have great taste in everything! I think this actress is a beauty bomb and her ability to show emotions without a word is off the chart! Better than Splash! I would check spelling before posting negative comments.

  2. marie says:

    The movie was rediculous. If you really liked it then you must not be known for your taste.

  3. Tony Baloney says:

    What. A. Joke. Of. A. Movie…. and of a review.

  4. Doug Nash says:

    Damn, this s**t look dope. Can’t wait to die and not exist anymore!

  5. Bradley says:

    Is it wrong to be attracted to a mermaid who acts like a complete animal? …asking for a friend

  6. Liz says:

    I watched the Mermaid Down movie. This is a very unusual but interesting film. I appreciate the work of the filmmakers who created this very captivating and unpredictable story.

  7. Rita says:

    YES for the movie score. I watched the movie and enjoyed it very much.
    YES for the directing and for the special effects of this movie.
    And you could stop there if the movie was an animation. But it’s not. This team of actors are incredibly cast! The moment the leading actress, the mermaid, appears on the screen she grabs our attention and holds it to the very end. Although appreciated, we’re not thinking about the technical execution of the movie when we see her :). Great performance.
    Also the monsters of the story are the creepy, dirty, greedy fishermen and the sadist psychopath doctor, not the mermaid.

  8. Mike Lawson says:

    Nice review I thought it was a great movie. The plot was a bit all over the place but I didn’t find it boring. Great casting, the mermaid was spot on. Googled her very Beautiful girl Alexandra Bokova.

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