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Meow Wolf: Origin Story

By Chris Salce | November 28, 2018

Time to get inspired!

Meow Wolf: Origin Story is about the artists that created one of the most unique art exhibits in the world.

When I took a trip out to Santa Fe, New Mexico earlier this year, I had the chance to visit the Meow Wolf exhibit. I had never heard of it until the day before going there, as it was described to me as an “interactive art exhibit.” Well, it was that, but it was also much, much more than that. I was also given a basic backstory but nothing near as in-depth as this documentary.

In this documentary, you hear from all of the founding members of Meow Wolf, as well as some of the newer members that have been added over the years. Each interviewee shares their stories of how the group first originated when wanting to break into the New Mexico art scene which was on the high-end side of the scale and is also one of the top major art centers in the world. These rebels banded together to stand out by making their own art scene.

“…the New Mexico art scene which was on the high-end side…and is also one of the top major art centers in the world.”

The group would throw their own art galleries, and music shows just as a way to express themselves and surround themselves with other equally creative people. This would be just the first brush stroke on a blank canvas that would end up being a masterpiece. The Meow Wolf crew decided to do something big. They decided to create a full-scale ship that would display art in different rooms of the vessel which also happened to be inside of a building. Watching the crew do this and knowing what they would become creators later on, you can see that it was just a blueprint for the Meow Wolf exhibit. The wheels just keep turning with these artists.

Even though the documentary is very inspirational, the Meow Wolf artists also share a somber story of one of their fellow Meow Wolf members. The team shared a story of an artist named David that was really into photography. David struggled with depression for years and would see many doctors to treat his depression. After many attempts, the doctors began to give David electroconvulsive treatment. After his final treatment, David felt sick and went into a coma in which he would never wake up. Sadly, David passed away. On the positive side, David’s passing brought the Meow Wolf crew together after not doing much for a while. This unfortunate event would play a big role in the Meow Wolf exhibit.

“…did it with nothing but hard work, creativity and because of that, people like George R.R. Martin believed in them.”

Now, where this gets even crazier is when Game of Thrones creator, George R.R. Martin comes into the picture. One of the members happened to know Martin and since he resides in Santa Fe, a member pitched an idea to Martin. The pitch was to buy an old bowling alley and turn it into a huge interactive art exhibit that would have the story of a family that was so talented that they broke the time dimension. George R.R. Martin found it interesting enough to invest millions of dollars into it.

Meow Wolf: Origin Story is pure art. It is inspiring that these group of artists made something out of nothing and in a very literal sense. They did it with nothing but hard work, creativity and because of that, people like George R.R. Martin believed in them. It’s a real underdog story. And if you are ever in Santa Fe, I would suggest to check out the exhibit. I can only describe it as a psychedelic acid trip.

Meow Wolf: Origin Story (2018) Directed by Morgan Capps, Jilann Spitzmiller. Written by Morgan Capps, Jilann Spitzmiller, Christina Proctor. Starring George R.R. Martin.

9 out of 10 stars

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