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Meeting You, Meeting Me

By Bradley Gibson | June 21, 2024

Writer/director Lina Suh explores a serendipitous friendship between two women in her dramatic feature Meeting You, Meeting Me. Simone (Sam Yim) and Savannah (Annika Foster) meet when the latter is buying a backpack from the former on her way out of town. When Simone breaks down over a note in the backpack, Savannah stays with her to talk. That moment turns into the whole day. Simone makes a sumptuous Korean meal, and the duo bond over the misfortunes of their lives. Despite being wildly different types of personalities, each finds a surprise kindred spirit in the other. Simone is an educated, accomplished Korean American divorce attorney, while Savannah is an unemployed free spirit who dropped out of college.

Both of them are in moments of transition. Simone is grieving in the aftermath of her divorce. Savannah was a successful social media influencer but is now canceled after an awkward post that turned her audience against her. She concluded that social media was an addiction and has closed her accounts on all platforms. When they make s’mores with THC chocolate edibles, things really loosen up and get chaotic. Simone winds up having sex with a pizza delivery guy, and Savannah misunderstands an overheard conversation and storms out. Three years later, they reconnect when Savannah is in school studying psychotherapy, and Simone wants to see her again despite their connection lasting so briefly. She tells Savannah that their day together has been on her mind, and she wants to find her and patch things up.

“…Savannah misunderstands an overheard conversation and storms out. Three years later, they reconnect…”

Meeting You, Meeting Me is structured less like a traditional three-act film and more like a visual diary entry of the fateful meeting between the leads. The cinematography is simple, with little movement, and mainly composed of single shots of the character in focus. This emphasizes the characters’ whereabouts when they first meet and after reconnecting.

Suh has created two diametrically opposite characters. Savannah is attention span-challenged and seeks constant stimulation, which makes it nearly impossible for her to finish anything. Simone is very structured because of her cultural heritage. She has lived with and struggled with the constraints of her traditional Korean family structure and has to thread her way through those expectations while trying to forge a life of peace and happiness. Their relationship is the heart of the story. They are both relatable and realistic. They have flaws and good qualities, which Savannah and Siomne bring out in each other with ease. Foster and Yim deliver raw, authentic performances grounded in reality as the main characters.

It’s likely you know someone like Simone and Savannah. The narrative suggests that these two will bring balance to each other’s lives by providing unexpected elements counter to their nature, pushing them to see and consider different perspectives. Meeting You, Meeting Me shows how just a moment’s connection can leave a thoughtful, positive impact.

Meeting You, Meeting Me (2024)

Directed and Written: Lina Suh

Starring: Annika Foster, Sam Yim, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Meeting You, Meeting Me Image

"…relatable and realistic..."

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