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By Alan Ng | February 20, 2019

From French-Canadian filmmaker Marianne Farley comes Marguerite, the story of an awkward, yet captivating relationship between an elderly woman Marguerite (Béatrice Picard) and her nurse Rachel (Sandrine Bisson). Marguerite is a mildly stubborn woman, who is experiencing minor failure in her kidney as well as the onset of diabetes. Rachel is her steadfast nurse, who assists Marguerite with managing her life and her medication. Rachel runs routine check-ups daily and monitors the progression of Marguerite’s diabetes.

One day, Rachel’s phone rings during a visit. Marguerite questions if it is her boyfriend. Rachel tells her that it is, in fact, her girlfriend. Her answer elicits an overly shocked reaction from Marguerite. When the shock wears off, Marguerite asks what it is like kissing a woman and Rachel responds, “It is beautiful.” The next day, Marguerite confesses that she was once in love with a woman long ago.

“…goes through extraordinary lengths to help Marguerite bring closure to her lost feelings of love…”

Marguerite is a sweet story of love from a woman, who could not express that love in her youth during a time when same-sex love was actively hidden. Even more poignant is her nurse Rachel, who goes through extraordinary lengths to help Marguerite bring closure to her lost feelings of love from long ago.

At 19 minutes, Farley’s short film is simple and subtle leading to a beautiful and loving conclusion. The performances by Picard and Bisson are moving and never overplayed, bringing just the right amount of warm feelings to your heart at the end.

Marguerite (2018) Written and directed by Marianne Farley. Starring Béatrice Picard, Sandrine Bisson. Marguerite is nominated for Best Short Film (Live Action) at the 2019 Academy Awards.

7.5 out of 10 stars

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