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Magnum Opus: The .MOVie

By Bobby LePire | November 2, 2022

Magnum Opus: The .MOVie (yes, the punctuation and capitalization are part of how the title is stylized) does not tell a narrative of any sort. Instead, the film is “a love letter to Jackass” director Addison Binek started filming when he and his friends were in middle school. Their hijinks lasted into adulthood, as their latest gags/pranks were recorded in 2017. Can Binek and co-director James Johnson harness that same manic but humorous energy and heart Johnny Knoxville and his pals can?

Magnum Opus: The .MOVie could use a bit of polishing. To clarify, there needs to be a better grouping of the stunts themselves. Binek states that the film is edited chronologically, starting in 2002. Anyone watching this without that knowledge wouldn’t have a clue, as it is nowhere in the finished product. I only know that because it was in the press notes. Yes, it is evident that the four or five friends get older in some spots, but the film jumps from one kind of stunt/gag/prank to another.

Mind you, this is without any interstitial scenes of Binek, Johnson, or their cohorts explaining the rationale behind what they are about to do. Even Jackass has those little breaks so viewers can get their bearings. Grouping everything by year, say “2002 through 2004” and “2010 through 2012,” would at least orient everyone watching to some degree.

“…Binek, Johnson, and their friends doing ridiculous things to each other…”

The film also does something frustrating, though, to be fair, it stems from its inspiration. The core group includes innocent bystanders with no knowledge of what’s happening in their shenanigans. Look, it’s all well and good if Binek and company want to do something ridiculous, like rollerskate via car, that could injure them and they know that. However, it is something else entirely to potentially hurt a person who doesn’t know what’s going on. For example, the kids set up a metal pipe in front of the door of their school. Thankfully, most students step over it while only a few minorly stumble. But risking an unsuspecting person’s well-being for a gag is cruel.

Thankfully, moments like that are few and far between. Most of the time, it is Binek, Johnson, and their friends doing ridiculous things to each other or themselves. And in that regard, Magnum Opus: The .MOVie delivers. Some highlights include: the kids being pushed from one sidewalk across the street to the other in a baby stroller; a bit at a wedding that is hilarious; a snow ramp does not end how anyone expected; and that disgusting classic of eating dog food. Even as a child, Binek had a clear understanding of staging for the camera, so most of the stunts/gags are captured better than expected.

Plus, there’s something endearing about seeing lifelong friends grow up before one’s eyes. The bond between everyone is felt after just a few minutes and only grows stronger as the 63-minute runtime ticks by. It’s a fast-paced watch, and if one likes the antics of Knoxville, the craziness of Bam Margera, or the sheer fun of Ridiculousness, then this is definitely a title to keep an eye out for.

Magnum Opus: The .MOVie could use a bit more editing, mainly to give audiences more context for what they are about to witness. Even still, Binek and Johnson have delivered an enjoyable experience with some truly absurd moments that will make viewers laugh out loud more than once. And that sense of fun and playful energy is something the world could use more of at this current juncture.

For more information about Magnum Opus: The .MOVie, Addison Binek’s Facebook page.

Magnum Opus: The .MOVie (2022)

Directed: Addison Binek, James Johnson


Starring: Addison Binek, James Johnson, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Magnum Opus: The .MOVie Image

"…an enjoyable experience..."

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