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Mafia Inc.

By Alan Ng | February 15, 2021

The rest of the film involves the Paternos using their muscle to collect the cash from its clients needed for the bridge investment. Vince’s aggressive streak helps him rise quickly through the ranks of the Paterno family. Giaco is jealous due to the snub, and further complicating the family dynamic, Vince’s sister is about to marry Giaco’s younger brother. As mafia films go, there’s ample double-crosses, a government investigation, and a series of tortures, murders, and beatings.

Please forgive my inability to name characters and the actors who play them as there is no press kit or complete IMDB page at the time of this review. First, let me say there is no big studio behind the film, and for the $8 million price tag, Mafia Inc. looks impressive and epic for its meager budget. It has that classic film look and feels to it, and the set pieces look authentic. The music is a beautiful blend of old country Italian with a 90’s pop blend.

The story is also very Canadian as characters switch between English, French, and Italian seamlessly in normal conversation. Instead of the FBI, we have Canada’s ever-vigilant RMPC always a step behind the family.

“There are a lot of characters and moving parts to this story, and Grou and Guy keep the story rolling…”

There are a lot of characters and moving parts to this story, and Grou and Guy keep the story rolling at a fast pace, and you never lose track of what’s going on plotwise. There are two breakout performances. First comes from Sergio Castellitto as Don Frank Paterno. For a character with the highest status in the film, he shows a great deal of range as a loyal family man and the ruthless leader always in control of the situation. He is the man in charge and he holds the delicate balance of the underground together. The other is Marc-André Grondin as the loose cannon and unpredictable sociopath. You’re immediately drawn to this monster and are still conflicted about whether you like him or not. You’re going to root for him at times…but don’t forget, he’s a monster.

Like other mafia movies, what makes Mafia Inc. work is its moments. The torture of the Greek investment banker, the capture of the snitch, a bus full of children, and horrific executions. All over-the-top moments now permanently etched into your memory. This is must-see mafia viewing. I would have said this is the best gangster film to come in a long time, but The Irishman beat Mafia Inc. to the punch.

Mafia Inc. screened at the 2020 Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Mafia Inc. (2020)

Directed: Daniel Grou

Written: Sylvain Guy

Starring: Marc-André Grondin, Sergio Castellitto, Mylène Mackay, Donny Falsetti, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

Mafia Inc. Image

"…You’re going to root for him at times…but don’t forget, he’s a monster."

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  1. Pierre Bouchard says:

    Agree on everything you’ve written. And for me the actor’s performance (Grondin and Sergio Castellitto) were so impressive. Your commentary “…You’re going to root for him at times…but don’t forget, he’s a monster.” is exactly what I felt throughout the movie and gave it (for me) that particular feeling of uneasiness (can you say “dirty”?) that is, I think the point of the movie.

  2. Sabrina says:

    I felt sorry for the people who made the movie, the actors, the editor, director. To me it was a real flop.

  3. Patrick says:

    I love Mafia movies, but it was very disturbing regarding the bus full of young soccer players, and the way the drugs were transported. Over the top torture scenes also.

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