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Love With Black Spots

By Alan Ng | September 27, 2022

A couple hopes to re-ignite their marriage after moving into a new home in director-co-writer Oscar Wenman-Hyde and co-writer Jade Wenman-Hyde’s short film, Love With Black Spots.

Before walking through the door of their new house, Isla (Saffron Walters) and Jack (Oliver Harding) are already getting on one another’s nerves. Jack wasn’t exactly excited about the move, but its location is perfect for bolstering Isla’s career. Though hesitant about their new abode, the two bond over discovering a ladybug in their bed. As the weeks pass, the few moments of joy they have together come in building a terrarium home for their ladybug infestation. But is that enough?

“…the two bond over discovering a ladybug in their bed.”

Wenman-Hyde’s story focuses on the dramatic moments between Isla and Jack. Stories of couples in decline are never fun, but here are portrayed wonderfully by Saffron Walters and Oliver Harding.

Love With Black Spots is a measured drama of a couple coming to grips with the realities of their relationship and the small attempts we make to keep it together. The Wenman-Hydes draw parallels between the home the central couple built for the ladybugs and the home they’ve built for themselves. As perfect as that home is, sometimes it feels like a cage.

Love With Black Spots (2022)

Directed: Oscar Wenman-Hyde

Written: Oscar Wenman-Hyde, Jade Wenman-Hyde

Starring: Saffron Walters, Oliver Harding, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Love With Black Spots Image

"…a measured drama of a couple coming to grips with the realities of their relationship..."

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