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Love is a Fire

By Alan Ng | August 29, 2022

In Sofie Somoroff’s horror tale, Love is a Fire, love can be as intimate as it is deadly.

Celina Bernstein and Kenny Yates play a couple who may have moved in together just a little bit too soon. After taking this next step in their relationship, uncertainty and insecurities begin to heighten, and they both know it. It also doesn’t help that Celina’s character is fighting a serious (some might say toxic) yeast infection.

“…fighting a serious (some might say toxic) yeast infection.”

Running at a brisk ten minutes, Love is a Fire gets right to the point. The story’s foundation is built on the shaky relationship between our two lovers, where even the sex is so acidic that it can’t smooth tensions over for even a night. While the relationship continues to go sour, the story builds up to an evening of lovemaking that neither will ever forget. Celina Bernstein has great facial reactions to the quiet tension of the story, and the specific “gear” in the end does the job.

Good tension building and a terrifying ending that will quench any h***y feelings you have for the next hour make filmmaker Somoroff’s Love is a Fire a must-view.

For screening information, visit the Love is a Fire official website.

Love is a Fire (2022)

Directed and Written: Sofie Somoroff

Starring: Celina Bernstein, Kenny Yates, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Love is a Fire Image

"…a terrifying ending that will quench any horny feelings..."

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