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Love In The Sixth

By Bobby LePire | February 13, 2020

Describing and reading the plot of Love In The Sixth is not the same as experiencing it unfold in all of its manic energy. Writer-director Jude Klassen stars as Dani, a musically-inclined activist, who hosts a public access celebrity interview show. Her daughter Kat (Mika Kay) is very matter-of-fact and believes that the government does not care about the public or the planet. Dani is dating musician Sid (T.C. Folkpunk), though their relationship is a bit rocky.

Meanwhile, Dani’s friend Mavis (Wendy Sinclair) is hooking up with brothers Brett (Brett M. Butler) and Jay (Jason Butler). As these people all maneuver through the complexities of life and love, they face an ever-increasing danger- the very extinction of the Earth itself. Also, Love In The Sixth is a musical.

“…all maneuver through the complexities of life and love, they face an ever-increasing danger- the very extinction of the Earth itself.”

Klassen, working from a story by Brett and Jason Butler, has created immensely likable and engaging characters. Dani is flawed, especially when it comes to choosing lovers, to the point that Kat never wants to be in a relationship. But Dani’s love for her daughter, and vice versa, is never in question. In fact, the best song of the film sees the two of them ruminating on their relationship while on a swing set.

The trio of Mavis, Brett, and Jay is handled with care so that this lifestyle choice is never judged nor mocked. This ensures that the audience can entirely invest in the three. As Sid sits on the couch, teaching the inquisitive Kat how to play guitar, she continually deflects and asks questions that have nothing to do with music. His patience is on full display, so the viewer understands what Dani sees in him.

Even though the songs are awkwardly spaced out, they are all pretty catchy. They range from intimate ballads to bigger, rock-style songs. A particularly amusing one comes around 35-minutes in and involves ducks covered in oil. I now that may not sound funny, but the music video interlude involves people in cute duck suits, and its cartoony style humorously juxtaposes against the seriousness of the song.

Love In The Sixth (2015)

Directed and Written: Jude Klassen

Starring: Jude Klassen, Mika Kay, T.C. Folkpunk, Wendy Sinclair, Brett M. Butler, Jason G. Butler, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Love In The Sixth Image

"…Highlighting the more fantastical elements by making them visually contrasting..."

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