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Lost Treasure of the Valley

By Alan Ng | November 4, 2019

It’s 2049 in the San Fernando Valley. Molly (Lori Beth Denberg) and Dan (Tyler Nash) are signing over their home to an impatient real estate agent (Tahirah Nyanin). Before the final signature, the couple tells the story of their former roommate, Jake (Everardo Barriga), who took photos of abandoned shopping carts years ago in writer/director Robert Husted’s Lost Treasure of the Valley.

“…their former roommate…who took photos of abandoned shopping carts years ago…”

Even though no one asked, Molly and Dan reminisce about the day they told Jake to move out of their home because he couldn’t afford the rent. Jake pleads with the pair to let him stay, and if they do, he’ll give them a percentage of the sale of his future book featuring the previously-mentioned shopping carts. Molly and Dan relent, and Jake scours the Valley for abandoned carts for very sentimental reasons.

While framing his next shot, Jake is approached by The Adventurer (Greg Lee), who has been documenting the same abandoned carts on a map in hopes that it will lead him to “the treasure.” The Adventurer convinces Jake to give him the location of the carts he’s been photographing and work together for a cut of the treasure. After staring at a map of the Valley, the two figure out where the treasure is located…on Sepulveda Blvd. I mean, really. I could have told you that. So, the adventure begins.

Lost Treasure of the Valley (2019)

Directed and Written: Robert Husted

Starring: Everardo Barriga, Tyler Nash, Greg Lee, Lori Beth Denberg, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Lost Treasure of the Valley Image

"…physical props that would make Carrot Top giddy like a child..."

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  1. Adam Sorg says:

    I caught LOST TREASURE OF THE VALLEY at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival and loved it. You really caught what’s so charming about the film in this review. The plot is always progressing while still retaining an irreverent sense of humor. Most importantly, as you noted, the budgetary limitations didn’t affect their ambitious vision.

  2. Robert Jett says:

    Saw this at the Northeast Ohio Cult Film Fest a couple weeks ago and really dug it. The crowd ate it up too. Thought it was a super special film!

  3. David Castellano says:

    Saw this film some weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised at how eloquently paced it was. It’s actually really funny and has a unique charm to it. For being a short it was able to convey a lot despite the time constraints. The acting is great, editing was super, direction was flawless. I’m excited to see what these guys will make next.

  4. OHGeek says:

    Saw this at the NEO Cult Film Fest a few weeks ago and loved it, glad to see that it’s getting recognition!

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