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Lost Fare

By Chris Salce | April 24, 2019

A young girl runs away from her prostitute mother and her mother’s controlling boyfriend that pimps the two out. During her getaway, she meets a cab driver who is her polar opposite. The two go on a journey of self-discovery and redemption.

Freda (Alexis Rosinsky) is that girl. She also happens to have an illness that could potentially lead to her death. Her mother also tends to neglect her. These are all reasons leading Freda to run away. After Freda leaves her family, she happens to run into a taxi driver named Jack (Aaron Hendry). Jack is a miserable and lonely man that can’t stand the thought of living. This creates a dynamic between the two protagonists.

Freda and Jack often question each other’s motives throughout their journey, mostly regarding life. Even though Freda has been dealt a pretty tough hand at life, to say the least, she still tries to find the best in everything and everyone. Jack doesn’t seem to understand why that is. Meanwhile, Jack just wants to die and doesn’t care much about anyone.

Freda and Jack often question each other’s motives throughout their journey, mostly regarding life…”

What ties the two together, other than the fact that they just coincidentally bumped into each other, is that by some strange happenstance the two are closer than they know. Jack happens to be a very old and at one point close friend of Freda’s mother. Because of the relation, Jack decides to let Freda stick around and also tries to help rescue Freda’s brother Simon (Max Rose) from their abusive mother and the mother’s boyfriend.

Something that happens throughout the film is that an imaginary friend of Freda’s pops in and out of the story. Only Freda can see her, but there are times where Freda allows Bella to be seen by others. The others see her when Freda allows it, but I never understood exactly why they see her and how they just lightly question it. It’s meant to add another element to the story but is actually something that ends up being more confusing than anything.

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  1. Louisa says:

    The ending was frustrating. Why didn’t they head to ER? Jack let himself die when he finally wanted to live. Did I miss something?

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