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Lost Face

By Alan Ng | March 6, 2018

Sean Meehan’s Lost Face is an adaptation of Jack London’s original short story of the same name. Captured by a Native American tribe, Russian-American fur thief Subienkow (Martin Dubreuil) is the last one of his crew to face death by slow and painful torture.

“Subienkow convinces…Makamuk to trade his life for a special elixir”

Desperate to save himself from a similar fate, Subienkow convinces tribal leader, Makamuk (Gerald Auger) to trade his life for a special elixir that will toughen human skin to repel the sharpest of weapons. Suspecting that Subienkow’s offer is a trap, Yakaga (Morris Birdyellowhead) warns Makamuk not to trust the thief.

Jack London wrote Lost Face in 1910 and jumped right into the issue of the value of one’s life as juxtaposed to the quality of one’s life. Meehan’s adaption is faithful, to say the least. He accurately captures the setting and era of mid-1800’s and his story-telling as engaging as the original text. You do not need to have read the short story before seeing the film to grasp the gratifying drama and mystery of the film’s final conclusion.

Lost Face (2017) Written and directed by Sean Meehan. Starring Gerald Auger, Martin Dubreuil, and Morris Birdyellowhead.

4 out of 5 stars

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