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Lost Angel

By Bobby LePire | February 23, 2022

Writer/director Simon Drake’s Lost Angel, co-written by Louise Hume, follows Lisa (Sascha Harman), who returns home following the death of her sister. While all signs point to suicide, something about that doesn’t sit right with Lisa, so she decides to conduct her own investigation. Aiding her is the one person who was a witness to her sister’s death, Rich (Fintan Sullivan). Unfortunately for Lisa, Rich is dead, so the cops can’t exactly question him to get to the truth. As the duo dig deeper and deeper, they uncover facts that someone is willing to kill to keep a secret.

The thriller takes its time to get to the point, which is a good thing. Lisa’s fractured life, estrangement from her dearly departed sibling, and tenacity are explored at great length. But, once she discovers details surrounding where her sister was working, the film picks up momentum considerably. This pseudo-slow burn approach works well, as it keeps the audience invested and engaged while still delivering the expected mystery and action beats.

Leading the charge to ensure it all works are Harman and Sullivan. Both actors are terrific, adding layers to their already multi-dimensional characters. The scene where Lisa discovers Rich is dead and subsequently confronts him about it is more emotional than it sounds. Happily, the supporting cast of Lost Angel is just as good. As Lisa’s stressed but caring Aunt Sarah, Maggie Clune is delightful and adds a lot of fun. The big baddie, whoever he or she winds up being, comes across as a true threat and utterly deranged.

“…something about that doesn’t sit right with Lisa, so she decides to conduct her own investigation.”

Drake directs the proceedings competently, though there is little flair on display. While this helps keep the focus on the well-constructed plot and engrossing characters, it does mean the visuals lack staying power. Some sequences do work wonders, though, such as when Lisa discovers how far Rich can move (he can only travel through places he’s been before). But for the most part, there are precious few scenes that are visually compelling.

On the opposite end of that is Dan Millidge’s score. The music throughout Lost Angel complements every emotional beat and each startling discovery perfectly. For example, when Lisa is accused of setting a factory ablaze, the composition starts off a little eerie and ends in a big bellow to fully emphasize the gravity of the situation she finds herself in. Sheer perfection.

While the cinematography and lighting never extend beyond serviceable, the rest of Lost Angel more than compensates. The cast is excellent, the music is lovely and graceful, the characters are genuinely compelling, and the story is very well thought out and interesting. All in all, if one loves a good mystery with supernatural elements, this is sure to fit the bill.

Lost Angel (2022)

Directed: Simon Drake

Written: Simon Drake, Louise Hume

Starring: Sascha Harman, Fintan Sullivan, Maggie Clune, Tim Blissett, Duncan Henderson, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Lost Angel Image

"…the story is very well thought out and interesting."

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