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By Amy R. Handler | September 5, 2013

With the help of a small device of his own invention, a brilliant yet misunderstood young man discovers the secret of life. With this discovery he has the power to manipulate destiny, and must attempt to contain his God-given capacity to create or destroy.

F.C. Rabbath’s provocative thriller, Listen, opens upon David (Zac Pullam), a small boy who hears music in everything and everyone. David lives with his grandfather (Henry Tisdale), who seems to be the only one who understands the child, who is shunned by virtually everyone else. This is most hurtful when Abby (Avery Kristen Pohl), the little girl he adores, also considers him a joke. When David (Joshua Mikel) grows older and becomes a graduate student, he invents a device that helps him track the inner music of beings and proceeds to use his findings to cheat life, change the world and, of course, acquire Abby (Emily Pearse)— the woman of his dreams.

Listen defies logic and transcends all that we believe we know about people and the world we live in. As such, Listen is almost impossible to classify as a genre, and meanders somewhere between Horror, Science Fiction and Supernatural-Romance. Needless to say, however the film is labeled, it will compel thought and make us see into those secret recesses of the mind best left unseen and unheard.

Aside from Rabbath’s outstanding screenplay, and filmmaking dexterity, each and every actor in the film contributes stellar performances, and every character is eerily believable. Joshua Mikel as the adult David, and Lanny Thomas as Professor Norman, are particularly notable in their capacity to portray good, evil and madness, whether or not they use audible speech.

I strongly recommend this superb film to all who are brave enough to hold life’s power in the palm of their hands, and live with the consequences.

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