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Let’s Grow

By Alan Ng | October 10, 2020

Let’s Grow is a short, spoken word film that speaks directly to the racial unrest that’s bubbling over in 2020. “Another one?” you ask. Maybe this one is a little different and has a message we’re resistant to hear.

Our short features two angry…more frustrated…men (David Bianchi and Sean Smith) given the opportunity to confront one another about the massive elephant in the room. Smith’s character, being white, is fed up with being blamed for a problem that he was not around when created and has problems of his own quite frankly.

On the other hand, Bianchi is angry about the injustice and inequality that he’s experienced all his life and dating back to his great-grandmother. He’s mad about police brutality, racial profiling, and inequality in the entertainment business.

“…offers important and  sage advice to the two men so they can grow and heal.”

Lisa Nichols plays the voice of wisdom and offers important and sage advice to the two men so they can grow and heal.

Personally, my walk away from Let’s Grow is that we have to hear one another and not easily dismiss a person’s opinions or feelings simply because you disagree with them. Hearing is not just passively listening while waiting for your turn to speak but instead requires empathy—to put yourself in the other’s shoes. At the same time, holding on to anger is not a solution either.

My only minor negative about Let’s Grow, about an otherwise important film to watch, is that the standard ABAB poetic structure’s continuous use can be tiresome. What works in the short film are the critical issues brought up, the honest feelings expressed, and a message of peace that needs to be heard for all our sakes.

Let's Grow (2020)

Directed: Daniel J. Pico

Written: Lisa Nichols, Sean Smith, David Bianchi

Starring: Lisa Nichols, Sean Smith, David Bianchi, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Let's Grow Image

"…has a message we're resistant to hear."

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