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Laura Gets A Cat

By Jordaine Givens | January 21, 2019

In the mind of a writer, or any tortured creative, the scrambling thoughts of worth fill the mind. These thoughts range from what if you’re creating is worthy of any attention or what if it holds up to others in the same field, or what if it is truly good at all? It is quite easy to allow these thoughts to engulf your entire being. Laura Gets A Cat, directed by Michael Ferrell, is about a 32-year-old writer named Laura (Dana Brooke), who attempts to steer her life in a somewhat forward direction. Between one-foot-out-the-door relationship with an older boyfriend, a semi-affair with a new and interesting man, and her ambiguity to life’s current meaning, Laura doesn’t have it all figured out.

The crown jewel of this film is the ability to transition from comedy to drama effortlessly. One conversation can begin with a comedic social commentary on youth, highlighting their airhead-ness and lack of practicality. This same conversation would then morph into the youth bestowing mature wisdom on ideas that are seemingly lost upon even the adults of the film. The duality of the script singlehandedly deserves recognition.

“…embodies the character who doesn’t have it all figured it out and charms the sympathy out of your palms.”

Laura encounters daydreams where her life is exactly how she wishes it to be. A successful writer or loved beyond measure, but even those dreams burst at the seams and display her missteps in life. In these dramedy sequences, the script elevates above any cliched films of the same genre.

Beyond that, Brooke’s performance as the dreamy misguided heroine oozed the ability of a seasoned actor. As she dances through life to a song of unpredictability, she leaves a path of broken relationships behind. Brooke embodies the character who doesn’t have it all figured it out and charms the sympathy out of your palms.

Michael Ferrel’s direction allows for this film to utilize every scene as a stepping stone to Laura’s next realization of herself. Paced superbly, and concise, Laura Gets A Cat, is a film for any directionless individual.

Laura Gets A Cat (2018) Directed by Michael Ferrell Written by Michael Ferrel Starring Dana Brooke, Michael Ferrell, John Tyson.

8 out of 10

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  1. Jane Charley says:

    This was smart and uncomfortably believable. I can’t imagine a romantic alive who hasn’t wished for the lost lover to find her. I felt how uncomfortable she became with each trial relationship, whether it be with a man or a group of friends.

  2. Hope this isn’t bad form, but we’re a small, indie film and need to do what we can…

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