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Launch At Paradise

By Ethan Padgett | February 14, 2024

Launch At Paradise is an intriguing science-fiction film. If you enjoy films like Tenet and Edge of Tomorrow, then director Carrie Ann Quinn and star-screenwriter Daniel Mitura’s multi-layered storyline will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. It asks interesting questions about the potential for humans to be immortal and indestructible.

The film begins in media res with two scientists, Andy (Patrick Shane) and Maxine (Lauren Schaffel), trying to get John (Daniel Mitura) to wake up with code words. He keeps repeating the number 51. The scientists struggle to figure out its meaning. From here, the film jumps between three flashbacks. We follow John as he is about to embark on his mission for a mysterious man named Sam (James Harkness). The second is of him meeting the morally corrupt Dr. Barget (Catherine Curtin), as she reveals her plan to alter the lives of human beings and challenge death. The third storyline is John’s intense encounter and interrogation with a cynical agent, Elsa (Zainab Jah).

“…reveals her plan to alter the lives of human beings and challenge death.”

Each flashback brings interesting clues. Sam is mastering a mission to take down Dr. Barget’s organization, as its goal is to erase the memories of individuals. He plans to use information from Elsa to help in this scheme. Dr. Barget pontificates about her plan to have the body go through rebirth and alter the intelligence of the brain as if it were computer software. The present-day scenes have Andy and Maxine debating over the consequences of living every day without memories. Elsa challenges John as she questions if he is still human or closer to a machine. These flashbacks require the audience to connect the pieces and draw their own conclusions.

Launch At Paradise is well cast. Zainab Jah and Catherine Curtin elevate their roles. Jah makes the cynical agent/femme fatale archetype feel playful without having to be sexy. Curtin embraces the evil corporate scientist role with gravitas. The film also has excellent cinematography by Dominick Sivilli. Sivilli’s best use of lighting is in the sterile environment of Dr. Barget’s white observatory office.

The only weakness is the storyline’s ambitions. At 15 minutes, Launch At Paradise needs to be expanded, as it feels like a sampling for a sci-fi thriller television series or a tease for a grander feature film. Hopefully, this short will get noticed and become the start of another excellent sci-fi franchise.

Launch at Paradise (2022)

Directed: Carrie Ann Quinn

Written: Daniel Mitura

Starring: Daniel Mitura, Patrick Shane, Lauren Schaffel, James Harkness, Zainab Jah, Catherine Curtin, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

Launch at Paradise Image

"…an intriguing science-fiction film."

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  1. Deborah Reda says:

    I agree the story should be longer as it leaves you wanting more. The characters really draw you in!

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