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By Bradley Gibson | February 12, 2021

Mostly the cabling takes place in a forested zone, and as Ray progresses farther into the territory, he encounters growing hostility from the competing robot cablers. He’s considered highly suspicious due to his upper-level medallion, while clearly being a novice to the job. As Ray struggles with the physically demanding, but brain dead, position he learns about a resistance movement against the corporate overlords, and he meets fellow cablers bent on changing the status quo. Joining the resistance would put himself, but more importantly, Jamie, at risk, and the morally casual Ray must grapple with this choice.

The film is very nicely executed, but there are problems. The gizmo science seems to be based on contemporary scientific discoveries with no real understanding of the underlying tech. For example, quantum computers aren’t in large cubes (yet), and it’s highly unlikely physical circuits will connect them. The film also lampoons other technologies: phone apps, drones, robots, and other complex electronic tools. It’s unclear whether the Luddite ethos of the film is meant sarcastically. There are, no doubt, viewers who fear and distrust technology who will appreciate the satire. The story would be more credible when criticizing the impacts of technology on culture if the science was right.

“…a direct hit on the persistent machinations of corporations to nickel and dime everyone…”

Hutton scores a direct hit on the persistent machinations of corporations to nickel and dime everyone at each turn. The ridiculous complexity of life in systems designed for other systems instead of humans is ridiculed to great effect. 

Flaws notwithstanding, Lapsis is a truly engaging and thought-provoking piece that could credibly be here and now. It’s meant to be an absurd look at the world through the lens of science-fiction. But living through a global pandemic where the leadership of the country is sincerely arguing on television that the country needs to get back to work, whether people die or not, our reality is what seems preposterous. If you told this story at a bar, no one would bat an eye.

Lapsis was scheduled to screen at the 2020 Fantasia Film Festival.

Lapsis (2020)

Directed and Written: Noah Hutton

Starring: Dean Imperial, Babe Howard, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Lapsis Image

"…viewers who fear and distrust technology...will appreciate the satire."

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