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Sort of, I guess. First off, the motion comic-esque animated prologue and epilogue is fantastic. It moves well, the new characters have interesting backstories, and it ties into the main franchise quite well. Plus, the clips chosen across the various movies are indeed gruesome, exciting, or downright hilarious in some cases (Killjoy, the character, is quick with a quip). As a fan of these films, it is nice to see some of my favorite moments recontextualized.

The problem with Killjoy’s Carnage Caravan is how it is edited together. Instead of a semi-coherent jump through Killjoy’s most savage slayings and best one-liners, there is seemingly no rhyme or reason for how the clips play out. In the first clip, Killjoy is summoned to enact vengeance. He then creates his minions, such as Batty Boop. Then there’s a clip where Killjoy is told he’s on trial. After that is a sequence where he is killing everyone, the movie smash cuts to an interview from Psycho Circus. Then it is back to the trial, then back to some scenes from Killjoy 3.

”…showcases Killjoy’s energy and warped way of thinking, often to amusing effect.”

I am not confident that anyone unfamiliar with the movies will understand what is happening or why. Even when the audience knows this is nothing but a clip show, it is still a bit nonsensical. The biggest issue with how the snippets are arranged is that it does not fittingly show off the sense of terror that catapulted the character to horror icon status.

However, there is still a certain amount of fun to be had here. It certainly showcases Killjoy’s energy and warped way of thinking, often to amusing effect. Plus, the production does an excellent job of putting the special effects front and center. This series has a wonderful combination of both practical effects and computer-generated imagery. The make-up work on all the demons is especially great, and to see so many of the creations from all the movies in one place is a delight.

Killjoy’s Carnage Caravan does not entirely work due to poor structure and awkward editing. But, if one is a fan of Killjoy and his exploits, there is a certain diverting charm to be found. If you are not already one, don’t bother visiting this particular Bunker Of Blood.

Killjoy's Carnage Caravan (2019)

Directed: Craig Ross Jr.

Written: Brockton McKinney

Starring: Trent Haaga, Angel Vargas, Victoria De Mare, Robin Sydney, Al Burke, Tai Chan Ngo, Tim Chizmar, etc.

Movie score: 5/10

Killjoy's Carnage Caravan Image

"…a greatest hits compilation of gory...moments from their most well-known films"

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