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Killing Diaz

By Alan Ng | February 10, 2020

In human relationships, they say communication is the key. But clearly, it’s so much easier/safer to say nothing than to be honest with one’s feelings. Cameron Fife’s Killing Diaz is a multilayered satire about our inability to tell the honest truth, especially in our most personal of relationships.

The events surrounding Killing Diaz involves the murder of the titular Diaz and the events leading up to it. We first start with Cam (Josh Zuckerman), Adam (Andy Fischer-Price), and Joe (Adam Brooks). Speaking of not being able to communicate, Cam has let Joe’s thoughtless and selfish behavior go on just too long. Joe lives in Cam and Adam’s apartment, wears his clothes, and eats his food. Cam’s finally fed up and tells him, “if we’re to remain, friends, you have to move out.” Adam is freaked out that he had to witness this uncomfortable exchange.

“…casually introduces the idea of murdering Diaz as a way to resolve Joanna’s problem.”

Fortunately, Joe has a job opportunity in San Francisco and plans to leave the next day. Until then, it’s party time at the apartment. On the prowl, Joe makes his move on Cam’s lovely neighbor, Diaz (Krysta Rodriguez). Joe wants to have sex with her, going as far as to say, “I love you” to seal the deal. Diaz wisely intends to put off the one-night stand, knowing Joe is moving to San Francisco. The next morning Joe boasts he had sex with Diaz.

All seems good as Joe heads off to Northern California. As soon as he leaves, word gets back to Cam that Joe is coming back to the apartment as the job fell through. It’s here when the tables are turned, and a strange gender-swap occurs. Cam and Adam are now women. Kira is now fretting to Anna that Joann’s return is not good and will interfere with the girls’ plan to open a dispensary. Soon, Joann steps through the door, complaining that she was tricked and her job was actually a job interview, and Joann needed a resume.

To make matters worse, Diaz has been trying to get a hold of Joann, and she has been ignoring his calls. Not only that, Joann is officially ghosting Diaz. Soon added to the group is Brad/Brandi (Bradford Benoit) and Rubi (Max Crumm). It’s Rubi, who casually introduces the idea of murdering Diaz as a way to resolve Joanna’s problem.

Killing Diaz (2020)

Directed: Cameron Fife

Written: Cameron Fife, Tyler McGee

Starring: Sugar Lyn Beard, Bradford H. Benoit, Adam Brooks, Max Crumm, Andy Fischer-Price, Krysta Rodriguez, Josh Zuckerman, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Killing Diaz Image

"…it's here when the tables are turned, and a gender-swap occurs."

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