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Kill, Kobek…Kill

By Kyle Bain | June 15, 2020

After Toti’s introduction, it becomes quite clear that every moment of Kill, Kobek…Kill, will be politically charged, and that the views depicted are considered pure facts in the eyes of these filmmakers (without any sort of variation of their truths). Kobek and Toti share the following opinions: Americans are stupid, the United States of America is a toilet, and that conservatives lack the knowledge and the balls to debate their thoughts and values. Kobek brutally attacks those who oppose his views and finds new ways, throughout Kill, Kobek…Kill to belittle their opinions. His thoughts are fact, while those that disagree in any way are wrong. He pushes this idea that everything is black and white (ironically, or maybe not, the entire documentary is filmed in black and white) and that success is impossible for those who veer from his understanding of what is right.

Maybe Kobek’s thoughts are accurate, perhaps every word out of his mouth has merit, but sprinkled throughout the documentary are reasons why viewers struggle to trust him. He regularly speaks to his lack of success and blames others for his shortcomings. He has clearly done his homework, and brings a litany of information, that the ordinary person is unaware of, to the table. However, his inability to take responsibility for his struggles makes it difficult to appreciate any of his other views. Kobek’s failure to see past his ideology causes audiences to dissect his every word and move.

“…shove their political agenda down the throats of everyone…”

It means viewers see Kobek as a hypocrite, but worse, find him incredibly depressing. He is not dreary because he struggled to find the magnitude of success he hopes for, or because his goal in life to debate Ben Shapiro has been lost. His attitude demoralizes those watching because he makes it clear throughout the film that everything in the world around him is wrong. He so regularly tells viewers how horrible the world is and how unappealing the country’s political landscape is, that the audience cannot help but be disheartened by his views.

In order for anyone to appreciate what is being said in this hour and a half documentary aimed at embarrassing the right-winged portion of the world, one must adopt a truly masochist mindset and be prepared to endure a long, forlorn journey down a road of depression and delusion. Kill, Kobek…Kill is, in many ways, the bulls**t that Toti and Kobek appear to hate. Heed Toti’s warning at the beginning of Kill, Kobek…Kill and turn it off. He is correct to warn audiences, and this should be taken to heart. While the footage truly is horrific, the content and the filmmakers’ need to shove their political agenda down the throats of everyone is enough to deter all prospective viewers from enduring this unbelievably drab documentary.

Kill, Kobek...Kill (2020)

Directed and Written: Nick Toti

Starring: Jarett Kobek, Nick Toti, Bret Easton Ellis, Ivy Pochoda, etc.

Movie score: 1/10

Kill, Kobek...Kill Image

"…viewers see Kobek as a hypocrite..."

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