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Jane Austen’s Period Drama

By Alan Ng | May 6, 2024

Julia Aks and Steve Pinder have uncovered Jane Austen’s long, lost tale of a woman in love at the most inopportune time of the month in Jane Austen’s Period Drama. Our story opens with the dashing Mr. Dickley (Lachlan Ta’imua Hannemann) chasing his love, Estrogenia Talbot (Julia Aks), to confess his love for her. Estrogenia will have nothing to do with him because he is betrothed to Miss Bumblesnatch.

Dickley tells Estrogenia that he is no longer engaged to Miss Bumblesnatch, and as he goes down on one knee for Estrogenia’s hand, he sees that she is bleeding profusely from her nether regions. The distress Dickley immediately rushes her to her home and tells her father (Hugo Armstrong) and sisters Labinia (Samantha Smart) and Vangianna (Nicole Alyse Nelson) that she is dying. When Dickley attempts to find the town physician, Labinia insists that Estrogenia make a tale to explain her sudden menstrual flow, while Estrogenia decides the truth is in order.

“…as he goes down on one knee for Estrogenia’s hand, he sees that she is bleeding profusely from her nether regions.”

Firstly, Jane Austen’s Period Drama is a beautiful adaptation of a Jane Austen tale. The English manor looks authentic. The bright lighting sets the story’s tone perfectly, and the costuming is on point, particularly for a low-budget indie production. The performances across the board are equally brilliant. Everyone is having fun, and everyone is taking their roles deadly seriously. There’s a Carol Burnett aire to Aks’ performance, who balances the comedy and drama as sort of the straight-person in the film.

But the story is the star here. Writer/director Julia Aks and Steve Pinder masterfully lay out the setup and carry the comedy to the final punch line. Comedy is the most challenging genre to pull off (next to Jane Austin) and comes from the filmmakers’ ability and desire “to go there.” Jane Austen’s Period Drama hits it out of the park.

Jane Austen's Period Drama (2024)

Directed and Written: Julia Aks, Steve Pinder

Starring: Julia Aks, Lachlan Ta'imua Hannemann, Hugo Armstrong, Nicole Alyse Nelson, Samantha Smart, etc.

Movie score: 9.5/10

Jane Austen's Period Drama Image

"…comes from the filmmakers' ability and desire 'to go there.'"

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