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By Bobby LePire | April 5, 2020

Taylor Turner’s screenplay grounds the fantastical elements by authentically dealing with genuine emotions. When Kyle reappears to Bridget after being invisible for a while, she snidely asks if he is here to make fun of her for not attending the prom? He tells her no, he’s here to say that it’s cool that she chose to take care of her dad versus going out. She’s startled by his good-natured change of attitude as compared to how they normally interact. His appreciation of her and her acceptance and welcoming of him back all ring very true. This is because Turner’s believable dialogue and empathetic characters perfectly lay the framework for big, authentic emotions.

These raw, intense, and tender feelings are brought back to life with subtle grace and charm by both Emily Keefe and Beau Minniear. When Bridget shrieks that she’s sick of him still being here, Kyle fires back “And you think I wanna be? Watching everybody go on and live their lives and be constantly reminded that I can’t.” Keefe and Minniear are dynamite together in that scene. Keefe plays her boiling over frustrations with the right amount of guilt, angst, and utter contempt for everything in her life right now. This makes the character’s flaws relatable as opposed to an obstacle to audience sympathy.

“…grounds the fantastical elements by authentically dealing with genuine emotions.”

Minniear brings a certain gravitas and pathos to Kyle, even when the character is quipping just to drive Bridget crazy. It’s tricky because the character needs to be likable but still slightly obnoxious and then entirely sincere and touching. Happily, he expertly mines deep and brings an authentic vulnerability and sweetness to the dead teen.

Intermedium has no fat to trim. It sets out to tell its story and does not get distracted. Thanks to a smart screenplay that avoids maudlin, trite cliches, and effective directing that builds subtle emotions through great production design, the short film is captivating from start to finish. Due to its perfectly cast leads, Keefe and Minniear, the film emerges as an authentic, heart-rendering romantic drama that will leave viewers floored.

Intermedium (20202)

Directed: Erik Bloomquist

Written: Taylor Turner

Starring: Emily Keefe, Beau Minniear, Rudd Anderson, Chris Lindsay-Abaire, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

Intermedium Image

"…a shockingly deep story about accepting others, and yourself, warts and all."

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