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Inside The Rain

By Alan Ng | November 10, 2019

During a session with his new psychiatrist, the bi-polar Ben Glass (Aaron Fisher) is told by Dr. Holloway (Rosie Perez), that she can cure him in 6-weeks if he can trust her. The challenge is laid down in writer/director/editor/actor Aaron Fisher in a comedy loosely based on his life in Inside The Rain. Ben has a few problems that led him to Dr. Holloway. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, ADHD, OCD, anxiety and takes a rather large regimen of prescription meds to keep his life manageable.

Against the warnings of his parents, Ben is finally taking steps to make something of his life and attend a prestigious university’s film school program. Things go badly right from the start when, at his first campus party, Ben hooks up with a classmate for a one-night stand, which turns out to be a literal one-night stand. The realization triggers an emotional spiral, and Ben decides to ingest a large handful of his psychiatric meds. He then awakens in the ER and receives one strike against him at the university.

“…to make a film about the misunderstanding in hopes…the admissions board to reinstate him.”

When he returns to school, the girl checks in on Ben as he is sorting out his meds for the week. The sheer number of pills he takes freaks the girl out, and she immediately calls campus security. Ben receives his second strike and is promptly kicked out of film school.

Believing he’s been treated unfairly and misunderstood, Ben asks his father to sue the school, which he won’t do. He then files a petition to be reinstated and plans to make a film about the misunderstanding in hopes his film will convince the admissions board to reinstate him.

Inside The Rain (2019)

Directed and Written: Aaron Fisher

Starring: Aaron Fisher, Ellen Toland, Rosie Perez, Eric Roberts, Catherine Curtin, Paul Schulze, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Inside The Rain Image

"…rarely a misstep, if any at all, and nothing feels forced."

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  1. Mary Kay says:

    When will it be in the theaters here in the Bay area? I’m very interested .

  2. Lisa McGuire says:

    It sounds really interesting. When will it be in theaters? And will it be coming to the Oklahoma City area?

  3. william says:

    I want to be in your next movie

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