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Imperial Blue

By Alan Ng | February 7, 2020

You’ll always get points by taking an old idea and trying something new or unique with it. Dan Moss’ Imperial Blue takes us down a uniquely, different path of the drug deal gone wrong.

Hugo (Nicolas Fagerberg) is in a bind. In a botched drug deal, smuggler Hugo loses all of his stash and has nothing to give his intimidating drug dealer in the states. Fortunately for Hugo, he found a new drug from Africa called Bulu, which is so powerful, it gives you visions of your immediate future. In fact, the first time he uses it, he sees himself embracing his young son.

“…a new drug from Africa called Bulu, so powerful, it gives you visions of your immediate future.”

The vision was a clue to go home. When Hugo arrives, he is embraced by his son, but the reunion turns sour as the mother of his son is demanding his promised child support. Then things go really bad when Hugo is apprehended by his dealer, Spiral Matt (Paul Dewdney). As a promise to not kill him right then and there, Hugo says he can supply him with Bulu and make a lot of money. Matt agrees and gives him two weeks to go to Uganda, get the drugs, and bathes in a s**t-ton of money.

As Hugo arrives, he partners with two sisters, Kisakye Gloria (Esteri Tebandeke) and Angela Mbira (Rehema Nanfuka). Both come from the remote village where Bulu is grown. Kisakye is the more virtuous of the two sisters. She cares only for her family as her father’s legacy, who owned some valuable land, but was duped on his death bed into leaving the family farm to a potential corrupt minister. Kisakye was cast out of the village for challenging the pastor and hopes Hugo can help her get the farm back from the church. Angela, on the other hand, is not as virtuous and is Hugo’s backdoor way into Uganda’s drug trade.

Imperial Blue (2020)

Directed: Dan Moss

Written: David Cecil, Dan Moss

Starring: Nicolas Fagerberg, Paul Dewdney, Esther Tebandeke, Rehema Nanfuka, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Imperial Blue Image

"…helping the underdog, while...desperately needed the drug to find freedom for himself and his family."

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  1. Rhonnie Nkalubo Abraham says:

    Thank you so much for reviewing something from Uganda. We are glad that the future is us.

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