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By Joshua Speiser | September 6, 2018

You have got to be f*****g kidding me! Fer Chrissakes…”

Cut back to the van where Juliette has dislodged herself from the steering wheel just as she is discovered by a hungry reaper. This excellently art-directed, extended sequence — with our protagonist trying to stay alive while confined in a poorly secured space — was the most effective and unsettling part of the film. With echoes of the Ryan-Reynolds-trapped-in-a-coffin flick Buried, Juliette fights to stay alive until the morning as the reaper and a would-be cannibal (after all, any post-apocalyptic flick worth its salt has gotta have cannibals) are closing in to seal her doom. The filmmaker gets a lot of mileage by having a wounded protagonist trapped in such a predicament. As her bullets are expended, and survival schemes thwarted, it doesn’t look good for our heroine. But she summons up her inner Sigourney Weaver just when all hope seems lost.

Now, if only the filmmaker had rolled the credits at this point, this would have been a tidy little indie horror film (Eurotrash boyfriend/husband and all), well worth an evening’s rental. But the coda that Turi stacks on the end is so hamfisted that I literally yelled out, “You have got to be f*****g kidding me!” Fer Chrissakes, where were the producers whose job it is to steer a director away from such pretentious narrative cliffs? All of which is a shame because in a fight between films that employ neat maudlin endings vs. ambiguous difficult closures, I’ll bet (and pony up my money) on the latter every time.

Hostile (2018) Directed by Mathieu Turi. Starring Brittany Ashworth, Grégory Fitoussi, and Javier Botet.

5 out of 10 stars

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  1. Mosh pit Zombies says:

    I’m a zombie movie enthusiast and found this particular film to be fresh despite the obvious cliche’s. Throughout the movie I wondered why a creature with enough strength to crush a man’s scull would be patient with the one legged meal that awaited it? Of course the creature was Jack! He had far too many opportunities to gobble her up and clearly stuck around for other reasons.
    The movie was great, the flashbacks helped to create a beautiful narrative in a post apocalyptic world where beauty is hard pressed to be found.

  2. Jason says:

    My mom and I were having I contest on who can find the worst movie to watch… I WON with this gem.
    I mean, when the Eurotrash Zombie Boyfriend did the Face/Off hand thing I DIED. But seriously though, I could have done without all the flashbacks.

  3. Elizabeth Maunder says:

    I actually enjoyed this movie more than I expected and I was surprised and pleased at the ending. I found Brittany Ashworth very watchable from beginning to end. Her look of frailty had me captured.
    As usual I have read a few other reviews, some positive some not but I would watch it again to see the reaper who stalked her, a bit like ‘I see dead people’ … Personally I thought the director Mathieu Turi Did an excellent job. Best movie I have watched in a while. I will watch again.

  4. meg says:

    just watched for the 1st time-well sorta watched. I was playing candy crush thru the entire movie and wasn’t paying close attention. I’m hoping that’s the reason the ending was so damn confusing. I saw the part when Juliette went back to the hospital to visit Jack again and he was not there which gave the impression that he was dead. If that were the case, what was the deal at the end? if he wasn’t dead, where tf was he? had he been discharged? Couldn’t have been because hospital staff would have told her when she got there. I’m so damn confused and have no desire to watch this again. I need a written summary of this movie in the shortest form possible.🤣🤣

  5. Dan Maximovich says:

    This is the second time I’ve watched this movie. I love this movie. I didn’t know if the creature was Jack or not. But I read a review that said he was.
    For some reason this movie touched me enough to be one of my favorites..

    • Mary says:

      If the creature was Jack how did he become a zombie,I didn’t enjoy the ending it was confusing, if he hadn’t touched her face,it would have been nice ,in all it’s quite interesting

    • Offthepathh says:

      Juliet visit the hospital and found an empty bed, The audience needed and deserved a clue that these mass gas murders left a bunch of curiously transformed survivors. The viewers would’ve had something tasty To sink your teeth into rest of the movie. The director also could’ve had plenty of creative, hair pulling, choices to close the movie.

  6. Jim says:

    How exactly does one “impale a leg on the steering wheel”? Inquiring minds want to know.

  7. Amy Polka says:

    I just watched this film for the first time and wholeheartedly agree with this review. The ending all but ruined the movie for me. Come on, really? Zombie Jack seemed capable to communicate non-malicious intent in any number of ways, right?? So I get he can’t but help eat a guy’s head in front of her, but creepily bending over and staring at Juliette trapped in the van and then running towards her….what’s protective and affectionate about this? I almost wanted Zombie Jack to be just a zombie in the end with some beautiful respect to the end of another creature’s life, bringing us back to the Francis Bacon theme.

  8. Javier says:

    horrible movie. Boring. She just happens to wreck right where her baby daddy dwells and he saves her life.

  9. Jamo says:

    Terrible ending indeed. Let’s also pass on the fact that her eurotrash boyfriend first stalked her, followed her without any permission or consent, then abducted her and of course forced kiss her so its oh so romantic. Every freaking terrible nauseating romance tropes ever, stacked with the cliche twist in the end. You have got to ask how in the world did her fiance just happen to be there, also how in his state did he recognize her ?? And fought his predatory instinct ? That makes 0 sense but hey.

  10. The king says:

    Why was the ending unbelievable? If watched it again, you would realise that the creature didn’t really want to kill her, but just wanted to get closer to her. In fact, the creature was keeping watch over her the whole time. The creature has immense strength (crushed a guy’s head with just 1 stomp) and could’ve just ripped that 4wd apart to get to her, but it didn’t. It all makes sense once you realise why it didn’t want to kill her.

    • J E S 4 says:

      Jack just happened to be the creature that comes upon her wrecked in the desert? Really? You don’t think that that’s too much? Come on…. Horrible ending. Decent movie up until the face touch. Smh.

  11. Scooby Dubious says:

    So let me see if i understand you: the ENDING was too unbelievable for you, but you had no problem with the whole post-apocalyptic zombie premise before that?
    Sheesh, it wasn’t THAT bad. In fact it was a lot better than I expected. In a genre filled with cliches, I found the ending to be a nice surprise actually.

  12. David Wheat says:

    Dumbest movie ending since Thelma & Louise.

    • Joyce oliver Fortice says:

      It sure was a kinda crazy a*s ending, ,I want to know how did jack get from the hospital to the desert and become all disfigured , I realized it was a terrorist Chem attack but what happened to him next,,otherwise it was a good movie and the ending was so,so sad.

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