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By Bobby LePire | September 18, 2019

Homemade intimately chronicles 5-years in the life of Force Reconnaissance Marine Adam Sorensen and his wife, Victoria. Sorensen graduated high school at 17 and promptly brought an armed forces recruiter over to his house. His loving parents signed the waiver, and into the Marines their boy went. He served in several missions in Afghanistan, eventually being wounded in one of them. The intense firefights and injury have left him with PTSD.

Victoria and Adam met while he was on some R&R. They hit it off right away, despite him not talking about anything other than the Marines that first night. After a short engagement, the two got married. She suffers from an autoimmune deficiency and is seeking medical treatment. Adam’s mental and physical pain begins to worsen, and he starts stealing Victoria’s prescription medications.

“Adam’s mental and physical pain begins to worsen, and he starts stealing Victoria’s prescription medications.”

This causes a rift between the two. However, as Adam’s officer school courses go underway, he vows never to drink again. He will also be held accountable for his meds. Now the married couple attempt to repair the fissures. With the help of Adam’s parents

Directors Danielle Bernstein and Jason Maris capture some heartfelt and beautiful moments in the married couple’s life; as well as some shockingly bleak, very personal, occasionally dak moments. Slightly past the 30-minute mark, Homemade hits a bit of a repetitive formula. Adam drinks too much or stole some pills, or took too many of his prescribed medications, and Victoria feels lost and unsure of how to proceed. At one point, things got so bad, Adam pulled his gun out. Victoria calls his mom right away, and she quickly gets to their house.

Homemade (2019)

Directed: Danielle Bernstein, Jason Maris

Written: Spade Robinson

Starring: Adam Sorensen, Victoria Bell, Brad Colbert, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

Homemade Image

"…the directors had to whittle down 5-years worth of footage..."

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