By Admin | August 9, 2003

Is this for real? Can one really rent a ninja as home security? If so, then I’m all over it, but perhaps I’ll acquire a pirate…no, I can see my porn stash being plundered…perhaps I’ll acquire a Viking…no, too messy…okay, a ninja it is. That’s what the characters in this short film do and things work out quite well…for a while anyways.
A couple of guys come home to find that their apartment has been burglarized once again. Sick of this bullshit, the roommates set themselves up with the ultimate in home security – a ninja. Once the ninja is in place, the apartment remains free from intruders. But then things get a little “weird” and it comes time for the ninja to go.
This professionally produced and hysterical short is bound to bring back the ninja craze of the early 80s. Sho Kosugi, where are you?

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