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Holiday Fear

By Bradley Gibson | December 29, 2017

In the the final searing moments of a horror flick Christmas morning dawns red in tooth and claw. Emily (Rebecca Robles) and Bruce (Eric Whitten) gaze down from the balcony of a house at the apparently lifeless body of the crimson suited slasher sprawled on the yard. He came down the chimney and murdered everyone in the house except the two of them.

“…Bruce has to decide whether being a man means he must kill.”

The villain is laid out beside his axe but it’s not at all certain he’s dead. The couple make their way down to him as he seems to be coming to and Bruce has to decide with whether being a man means he must kill.

Nicholas Santos crosses the streams humorously with this amusing short film about gender role stereotypes in a juxtaposition of holidays and horror. Enjoy the festive Holiday Fear!

Holiday Fear (2017) Written and directed by Nicholas Santos. Starring Rebeca Robles, Ben Elder, Eric Whitten.

8 out of 10

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