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Haunted Routes: Wicked West Coast

By Tiffany Tchobanian | December 19, 2018

Haunted Routes is a Telly Award-winning travel show with a flair for the ghoulish and dramatic. Having already explored Route 666 and the Evil East Coast Highway, the team turns their attention towards the Wicked West Coast as they travel from Alaska to San Diego in search of ghost stories and urban legends.

I’ve always been a sucker for a good ghost story and admit to watching some of the paranormal investigative shows on TV. Historical tragedies and mysterious events leave a resonating echo through time. Even skeptics must be a little entertained by these fascinating tales. To Haunted Routes’ credit, they take these investigations seriously but enjoy presenting their cases with a bit of humor.

“…they travel from Alaska to San Diego in search of ghost stories and urban legends.”

A modulated baritone voice spookily narrates each investigation, providing puns and cheesy commentary. He introduces viewers to each new location and the local experts who have encountered nearby ghosts. Some destinations are notorious for their ominous atmospheres, such as the Winchester Mystery House and L.A.’s Biltmore Hotel. While other stops are lesser known estates in Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz. Throughout the hour, there is an even blend of investigators and docents describing disturbing events at each site.

Regional ghost hunters share footage of their supernatural encounters, including audio and video evidence capturing shadows and statements from the deceased. Tour guides relay the detailed history of each haunted estate and reveal their chilling confrontations with spirits. A few of them might have a sixth sense for the paranormal, but everyone seems very honest about their abilities and experiences.  

Haunted Routes: Wicked West Coast chronicles interesting ghost stories and historical events. Unfortunately, the silly special effects, cheap thrills, and home video visual style distract from the compelling content.

Haunted Routes: Wicked West Coast (2018) Directed by Candice Rollins. Written by and starring Matthew Rosvally.

“6 out of 10 ghosts”

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  1. Courtney Lynn Mroch says:

    This sounds interesting. Where can you watch it? Can you stream it?

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