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Happy For You

By Alan Ng | September 19, 2023

No good deed goes unpunished. This adage is especially true in office politics, as seen in writer-director Scott Talbot’s Happy For You.

Alan (Sebastian Gregory) finds himself on this particular evening staring at this watch and lamenting to his buddy, Karun (Nandi Sharma). He’s grumbling about losing the big project to his rival Cameron (Samuel Dunning). The words, “I’m happy for you,” are a bitter pill to take. At this rooftop celebration, Cameron comes over to accept his congratulations and lets it be known that his winning idea was Alan’s. Let’s just say that Alan is no longer “happy.”

“…lets it be known that his winning idea was Alan’s. Let’s just say that Alan is no longer ‘happy.’

The opening of Happy For You is a bit of a setup for a thriller of the second half. Talbot walks us through the stages of rage, birthed from injustice, paranoia, confirmation of the truth, and the expression of anger. The spotlight of the short is on the very physical response Alan has. The filmmaker nails the pace and editing, and his cast brings the right emotional and physicality without the need for too many stunt people… considering it all takes place poolside.

As the audience, we are along for Alan’s very emotional ride. We are left wondering how far is too far, even if we’re in the right. Happy For You presents a moment in time when choices are made.

For more information about Happy For You, visit Scott Talbot’s official website.

Happy For You (2023)

Directed and Written: Scott Talbot

Starring: Samuel Dunning, Sebastian Gregory, Nandi Sharma, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Happy For You Image

"…[a] very emotional ride."

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