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Half Empty/Half Full

By Alan Ng | November 16, 2020

The acting is good as well. Our four leads create an authentic feel reminding me of many of my awkward dinner parties. The first big revelation comes out of the blue and feels like it’s there to add spice to the dinner party, but then the pain gets real, and the lead actors start showing off their acting chops. Keep an eye on Gershenzon and Barron at the end. It’s incredibly honest and delightfully uncomfortable.

I liked Half Empty/Half Full, but my biggest issue with the film is the first act. The entire act is a series of one ballbusting moment after the next. The four go at each other, and honestly, it comes off as obnoxious and relentless. It’s like I’m at a bad comedy show. In the film’s defense, there are reasons behind their odd behavior, but it didn’t take long for me to wonder where this story was going, and could it get there faster?

“…leads create an authentic feel reminding me of many of my awkward dinner parties.”

That said, hold on tight. Be patient as the second act opens with a huge revelation that kicks this story into gear, and the ride to the end is riveting. Once you get to that second act, there’s a lot to love about writer/director/star Gershenzon’s movie. Most notable is how well-defined and developed each of the four characters are. Each one has distinct personalities, wants and needs, and make legitimate partners.

Well-defined characters make for intriguing and exciting drama and conflict, especially when given to the right actors. As good fortune falls on one couple, the same news has the opposite results on the other in this dramatic see-saw of a story.

The goal is simple. Get past that first act, and Half Empty/Half Full will reward you handsomely.

Half Empty/Half Full (2020)

Directed and Written: Andy Gershenzon

Starring: Andy Gershenzon, Mia Barron, Stark Sands, Maria Thayer, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Half Empty/Half Full Image

"…get past that first act, and Half Empty/Half Full will reward you handsomely."

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