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Greed & Gore

By Calan Panchoo | January 5, 2024

BLOOD IN THE SNOW FILM FESTIVAL 2023 REVIEW! As its name would suggest, director Adam Kirkey’s Greed & Gore goes all in on the schlocky, silly, stylized violence of the B-movie. Screenwriters Kirkey and Mathieu Lamarche cleverly inject horror to amp up the proceedings, making this short action flick a bloody good time. The entire story is filmed in and around a single house set, creating a strong sense of place for the characters in the play. Furthermore, each person has just enough personality, conveyed through their lines and costumes, to make them feel unique.


“…the house is not as empty as it first seemed…”

The flick follows five bank robbers who are on the run from the law. With a hostage (Julie Mainville) in tow, Delta (Curtis Desrosiers), Sierra (Monica Zelak), Romeo (Krishan Dutt), Tango (Matthew Bell), and Whiskey (Nick DeWolfe) lay low in an abandoned house deep in the woods. However, they soon find that the house is not as empty as it first seemed and that a masked, axe-wielding apparition known as the Axe Man (also Desrosiers) stalks the premises.

The film’s best aspect is its quirky and completely unbridled kills. As people start to get picked off in classic slasher style, the mayhem escalates without sacrificing humor. This is bolstered by solid makeup and special effects work. While there is nothing terribly novel about Greed & Gore, it has just enough ingenuity to deliver an enjoyable throwback for fans of the genre.

Greed & Gore (2023)

Directed: Adam Kirkey

Written: Adam Kirkey, Mathieu Lamarche

Starring: Curtis Desrosiers, Monica Zelak, Krishan Dutt, Matthew Bell, Nick DeWolfe, Julie Mainville, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

Greed & Gore Image

"…an enjoyable throwback for fans of the genre."

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