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Grandma Bruce

By Alan Ng | April 25, 2024

Generational conflict comes to a head in Brooke Stern Sebold’s short film, Grandma Bruce. Of course, the other side is clearly wrong…which side, again?

It’s a big day for Brooke (Laura Chirinos) and Sofia (Fernanda Urrejola), as Brooke is about to meet Sofia’s parents for the first time. This potentially intense encounter will be ruined as Brooke forgets to buy cheese for the big occasions.

Dropping Sofia off at her parents, Brooke heads to the market, but her car, “Bruce,” has other plans. Apparently, Bruce is inhabited by its former owner, Brooke’s grandmother (Monica Piper), who has words for her.

“Bruce is inhabited by its former owner, Brooke’s grandmother…”

Grandma Bruce is a fantastical comedy about generations. Young and old are set in their ways, and maybe if we just took a breath and listened, we would learn something about our past and present.

Granda wants Brooke to settle down and have a family, but Brooke has a dog and isn’t ready to make those life-altering decisions. Ultimately, it’s all about love.

Filmmaker Sebold tells a heartfelt story about our elders who have shaped who we are today. As the title suggests, Grandma Bruce‘s light tone carries throughout the film and connects us with our loved ones who passed.

Granda Bruce (2024)

Directed and Written: Brooke Stern Sebold

Starring: Laura Chirinos, Monica Piper, Fernanda Urrejola, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Granda Bruce Image

"…a heartfelt story about our elders who have shaped who we are today."

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