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Ghost Searchers

By Josiah Teal | December 20, 2020

In Ghost Searchers, Jeff (Max Doubt) and Matt (Jonny Lee) are local paranormal investigators long past their brief brush with fame. In the wake of people in the community becoming more skeptical of the supernatural, business is slowing down, and the two investigators need work fast. When Robert (Dylan Terrill) hires the two to stake out his new house, it’s up to Jeff and Max to help this troubled specter cross over to the other side. As the investigation turns cold, the only option seems to be tracking down the poltergeist’s lost love (Ashely McIntosh) or conduct a hap-hazard séance.

“…the only option seems to be tracking down the poltergeist’s lost love…”

Ghost Searchers is a fun short film that uses its minimal budget and locations to maximum effect. The movie consistently reminded me of “Robert Rodriguez’s 10-minute Film School,” as creativity and excellent use of practical effects are on full display in every moment of this ghostly escapade. In fact, the film is all very Robert Rodriguez-esque, but more Bedhead than Alita: Battle Angel. Director and co-writer Neil George and the entire cast add life into a movie centered around death. The short brings humor and imagination in just under 20 minutes.

As a fan of low-budget films, I enjoyed my experience with Ghost Searchers. The haunting is really fun, and the movie finds innovative ways to accomplish its lighthearted spooks. For the brief run-time, the short film does take a while to get going and plays on many of the usual tropes, but it is still an enjoyable time. The movie is by no means perfect, but I would recommend it to fans of practical effects, creativity on a micro-budget, and comically supernatural films.

Ghost Searchers (2020)

Directed: Neil George

Written: Neil George, Lauren Hussey, Hannah Spalding

Starring: Max Doubt, Jonny Lee, Ashley McIntosh, Dylan Terrill, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

Ghost Searchers Image

"…finds innovative ways to accomplish its lighthearted spooks."

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