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Get You Better

By Josiah Teal | June 21, 2024

Get You Better opens with a series of Edgar Wright-style quick-cuts as Devin (Danica Jensen) hopes to cart her boyfriend, Wesley (Thor Baldur), off to rehab. The only problem with Devin’s plan is that the rehab will not admit someone if they are sober. Thus begins Devin’s quest to get Wesley wasted. Wesley claims he does not have a problem and even claims he can sit all night at the bar with Devin without a single drink. But, after a few minutes at the bar, the whiskey starts to get tempting.

“…palpable chemistry between two characters who are terrible for each other’s well-being.”

Devin and Wesley’s relationship is dysfunctional from the start. The lack of trust, communication, and self-sabotage are apparent throughout the run-time. Writer, director, and star Danica Jensen earns a few darker laughs at the opening, especially with the rehab requiring Wesley to be intoxicated. As Devin and Wesley’s Sid & Nancy story spirals, the film loses some of the humor promised at the start but always remains an engaging dramedy.

Danica Jensen shows off her writer and director skills in this short film. It’s a concise 20 minutes without any wasted screen time. The film boasts a fun soundtrack punctuated by a few solid laughs and showcases palpable chemistry between two characters who are terrible for each other’s well-being. Commitment to a pure comedy or drama may push the film further, but Get You Better still showcases Jensen’s ability to write either genre. Coming off co-directing Life in a Day 2020, Get You Better is a solid sophomore effort for the writer/director and displays her ability to keep an audience invested.

Get You Better (2024)

Directed and Written: Danica Jensen

Starring: Danica Jensen, Baldur Thor, Rivera Reese, Amy Hart Nguyen, Huston Pigford, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Get You Better Image

"…a solid sophomore effort..."

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