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Fire-Man’s Fetish

By Alan Ng | August 25, 2022

They don’t come any tougher than the inmates at Pacoima State Prison in John Slover’s comedy short, Fire-Man Fetish. Rick (Andrew Jacobs) and his buddy, Lonnie (Nicholas Palacio), are waiting at the main gate to pick up Rick’s last surviving relative, his uncle, the former prisoner known as Fire-Man (Danny Trejo).

Fire-Man is a man of few words with a fierce fetish for the flame. When given his shot at freedom, Fire-Man will set anything and everything on fire, including a couch or birthday cake, while transforming a volleyball into a fireball of death. Rick and Lonnie need every bit of energy to keep Fire-Man’s suppressed urges in check.

“Fire-Man is a man of few words with a fierce fetish for the flame.”

Fueled by a fast-driven rock beat, Fire-Man Fetish follows the exploits of an arsonist reigniting his passion for fire after decades of imprisonment. Filmmaker Slover makes good use of some off-the-shelf CG fire effects, along with spotlighting a few friends with fiery acrobatic talent.

Fire-Man Fetish may not change the world, but we’ve got a rock soundtrack and a fiery furnace of fun. Let’s face it, when you add Danny Trejo to any film project, everyone wins.

Fire-Man's Fetish (2022)

Directed and Written: John Slover

Starring: Danny Trejo, Andrew Jacobs, Nicholas Palcio, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Fire-Man's Fetish Image

"…a fiery furnace of fun."

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