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Falafel Cart

By Alan Ng | September 24, 2020

The dream, in general, is to be happy and live the good life. It’s daunting to know that the decision made by leaders hundreds of miles away can directly impact that for better or worse. This notion is the inspiration of Abdullah Al-Wazzan’s short animated film, Falafel Cart.

The story revolves around a lonely immigrant falafel street vendor who stumbles upon a strange and mysterious flower. As he approaches, an energy burst emanates from the flower, blasting the vendor off his feet and laying there dazed, memories flood in from the past. Vivid visions of fishing as a young boy to falling in love and witnessing the birth of his child come to mind. His happy dreams are quickly interrupted by war jets flying across the sky—a stark reminder of his current reality.

“His happy dreams are quickly interrupted by war jets flying across the sky…”

Falafel Cart is told predominantly with stop-motion animation using clay as its primary medium. The models, intricate puppets, and detailed background are a joy to take in for any fans of old-fashioned animation as a great deal of love and effort are put into the final product. It’s not 100% stop-motion, but Al-Wazzan cleverly incorporates various visual effects (computer, shadow, and otherwise) to tell his story and convey shifting moods and tones within his story.

It is helpful to know a little bit of the story before helping the narrative make sense. Although there is no dialogue, Dan Phillipson’s score is a beautiful and vital behind-the-scenes element to tell the story. Falafel Cart conveys the right mood and tone about the simple life we dream of if given a chance.

Falafel Cart (2019)

Directed and Written: Abdullah Al-Wazzan

Starring: Abdullah Al-Wazzan, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Falafel Cart Image

"…a joy to take in for any fans of old-fashioned animation..."

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