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Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire

By Bobby LePire | June 9, 2023

Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire, directed by Trip Jennings and written by Jennings and Ralph Bloemers, is a documentary about the devastating effects and surprising aftermath of wildfires. David Oyelowo narrates as sumptuous shots of raging fires burn hillsides in California and Oregon, among other places. Specialists such as retired U.S. Forest Service agent Jack Cohen, fire ecologist Lisa Ellsworth, and Margo Robbins, a cultural advisor from the Yurok Tribe, are interviewed. All of them ponder and pontificate on the power of wildfires and how humans can live with it if that’s even possible.

Jennings has crafted an exhaustive experience that leaves no stone unturned. How firefighters curtail fires before they start is examined, as are ways to fortify a home. It’s all quite fascinating. The interviewees are all very smart, and listening to them speak is just one of the highlights. Oyelowo’s voiceover is calm but still signifies the power of these natural disasters.

“…the devastating effects and surprising aftermath of wildfires.”

But what makes this such a unique watch is the cinematography. Jennings gained access to several survivors’ footage of returning to the ash that was once their home. It is agonizing to see. The new video flies over mountains and gazes as fires roll in the distance while time lapses to witness the spread and growth of wildfires. Even watching the film on a laptop, the power of the images consumes the viewer. Watching this on the big screen must be awe-inspiring.

Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire is an informative and heartbreaking watch about an issue that seems hopeless. But as the interviewees prove, it might not be as desperate as all that. Jennings also captures the sheer, raw majesty and ferocity of wildfires. This is why IMAX screens were invented.

For more information, visit the official Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire site.

Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire (2023)

Directed: Trip Jennings

Written: Ralph Bloemers, Trip Jennings

Starring: David Oyelowo, Jack Cohen, Lisa Ellsworth, Margo Robbins, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire Image

"…why IMAX screens were invented."

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