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By Alan Ng | October 26, 2017

In a not so distant, dystopian future, a lone researcher (Johnny Vivash) is sent deep underground to run daily tests on a zombie-like subject (Alan Mandel) in director John Lynch’s Eddie.

Eddie opens with our hero walking a great distance to a remote laboratory. It is here that the researcher is left on his own with his only companions: a blood-soaked subject, Eddie and a few surveillance cameras.

“Alan Mandel also plays the zombie Eddie well. I mean, really. How hard is that?”

Every day, our researcher checks Eddie’s vitals, runs a few physical tests and prays for any form of communication with his subject/companion, Eddie. At the day’s end, the results are entered into the computer and observations made on a cassette recorder. Then all starts over again.

Eddie is an amusing short, that takes a light comedic look at the effects of solitude and boredom on our psyche. Johnny Vivash is fun to watch as the lone researcher. He is likable as we feel his never-ending frustration with his situation. Alan Mandel also plays the zombie Eddie as well as anyone can play a zombie. I mean, really. How hard is that? Overall a solid story even with a slightly predictable ending. It is well worth the 15-minute investment.

Eddie (2017) Directed by John Lynch. Written by Jon William-Nobbs and John Lynch. Starring Johnny Vivash, Alan Mandel, and Jon William-Nobbs.

3.5 out of 5

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