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By Phil Hall | August 10, 2011

Peter Monro’s “Days Together” focuses on a single woman in Los Angeles who barely supports herself as a math tutor. Her social life is shrinking – most of her friends are either getting married or already in a marriage and are now becoming parents. Depressed with her lack of emotional stability, she leaves La-La Land to visit her Seattle family. She takes along a musician as traveling companion, but having this new guy in her vehicle (and, by extension, her life) forces her to reconsider her future.

“Days Together” has all of the right ingredients to make it click – an intriguing concept, a visually stylish production, an attractive and intelligent star with Erin Anderson. But something went very wrong. The film is slow moving and emotionally cold, and the characters’ actions fail to resonate. What could have been a mature dissection of a life at the crossroads becomes a dull view of a woman reluctant to grow up and face responsibility.

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