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By Bobby LePire | February 25, 2022

Working from a story by Cameron Fox, writer/director Oscar Wenman-Hyde’s Cycles stars Henry Wilson and Henry Fisk as unnamed siblings. The older brother (Wilson) is helping his younger one (Fisk) move into a new flat before starting college. However, Fisk’s character is anxious and apprehensive about starting this new phase of his life. Wilson’s character wishes to pass on his knowledge to his brother, though this only agitates him, sparking a tense verbal sparring match between the two.

The most surprising thing about Cycles is that it wasn’t originally a stage play. It features only two actors, set in a single location, examining a brief snapshot in the much larger narrative of these men’s lives. This has one drawback, in that the 67-minute long movie feels like a play versus a full-on film. However, that isn’t to imply Wenman-Hyde fails at everything he aims for with his feature debut.

“…wishes to pass on his knowledge to his brother, though this only agitates him…”

On the contrary, the filmmaker coaxes excellent, lived-in, world-weary performances from the two actors. Henry Fisk and Henry Wilson feel like true siblings and their frustrations over issues long past and resentments never articulated are believable. No, a 14-year-old boy with his first girlfriend wouldn’t want his 9-year-old brother hanging out. But, of course, that younger sibling wouldn’t fully understand why his brother has pulled away a bit. Thanks to strong characterizations and the leads’ performances, this is articulated beautifully and in a relatable fashion.

Cycles is not all that ambitious in terms of its scope. And it never feels like much more than a stage play adaptation. However, by the time the ending scene plays out as the credits begin to roll, all watching will have gone on an emotional rollercoaster. Real-life is messy, beautiful, frustrating, and impossible to ever truly understand. Wenman-Hyde, Fisk, Wilson, and six or so crew members (this was a minuscule production) know this fact all too well and put it up on the silver screen for the audience to know that whatever hardships they are going through that they are seen, heard, and not alone.

For more information about Cycles, check out its official website.

Cycles (2022)

Directed and Written: Oscar Wenman-Hyde

Starring: Henry Wilson, Henry Fisk, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Cycles Image

"…excellent, lived-in, world-weary performances..."

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