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Curse of the Reefer Beast

By Michael Talbot-Haynes | July 10, 2023

NOW ON SWEARNET! Out in the woods, people seem to be dying in Curse of the Reefer Beast, directed by Dave Mullins and written by Kyle Ellsworth and Tieren Hawkins. The main character is college student Angie (Bonnie Russell), who is planning a getaway out in the woods at her family’s cabin with her bestie Presley (Courtney Fowler) and her fella Duncan (Michael Robert Stafford). On her way out of a long lecture by Professor Hawkins (John A. Russo), professional drug taker Gunner (Riley Suter) tries to make a major play at Angie, who tells him she’s left that stuff behind.

“…the hash oil fused with his skin, and he became a half-man/half-weed creature.”

On the way up, Angie, Presley, Duncan, and tagalongs Martin (Charlie Hubley) and Tyler (Wiljo Martin) stop by a backwoods gas station run by Red (Kevin Jollimore) and his three-times divorced wife Donna (Barbara Nicholls). They tell the travelers an ominous legend where a weed grower blew himself up during a covert hash extraction. It is believed the hash oil fused with his skin, and he became a half-man/half-weed creature. So absolutely no one should go up in those woods, or the reefer beast will get you. So, of course, everyone ventures into the forest, warnings be damned.

Curse of the Reefer Beast is the first narrative feature produced and distributed by Swearnet, the streaming service run by the Canadian comedy team The Trailer Park Boys. Subscribers to this particular streamer expect modestly priced entertainment to consume liquor and weed to. Everything is done in that irresistible Nova Scotia style, handmade under the shadows of seagulls with the budget of a nickel with a beaver on it. It’s the perfect venue for a low-rent slasher engorged in hippie fumes like this. And with that moniker, expectations are already set low due to the historic poverty of greasy monster suit movies.

Curse of the Reefer Beast (2023)

Directed: Dave Mullins

Written: Kyle Ellsworth, Tieren Hawkins

Starring: Bonnie Russell, John A. Russo, Courtney Fowler, Michael Robert Stafford, Riley Suter, Charlie Hubley, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

Curse of the Reefer Beast Image

"…a greasy blast of B-movie brain scramble..."

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