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By Alan Ng | September 2, 2019

Then the documentary turns to her re-election campaign and starts an interesting discussion about politicians just showing up in their districts only during election years. Who says politics isn’t brutal. The public fight can take its toll on the candidate’s personal life.

“…an excellent lesson in politics regardless of the side of the aisle you stand.”

I try (often unsuccessfully) to remain apolitical when it comes to political films. Admittedly, I don’t agree with Castillo one hundred percent on the issues affecting her community. Why should I? I don’t live there. What I found fascinating about Councilwoman is how politics are played out at a local level. You must be on the streets meeting with your constituents. At the local level, your allies and adversaries are members of your community. When you step onto the streets of your district, you see the problems and the solutions firsthand.

Many political documentaries that I see are in the business of deifying its subjects for higher office (e.g., Running with Beto) or demonizing its subject (e.g., any Trump documentary). Councilwoman feels a lot different than that. Guernsey portrays Castillo as a hard-working representative, a politician with strong convictions, and on the street standing by her constituents. Councilwoman is an excellent lesson in politics regardless of the side of the aisle you stand.

Councilwoman (2019)

Directed and Written: Margo Guernsey

Starring: Carmen Castillo, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Councilwoman Image

"…how politics are played out at a local level"

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