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Clowns Of Halloween

By Bobby LePire | September 29, 2019

Clowns Of Halloween is an anthology film, featuring three stories. House Of Giggles is first up and follows a group of friends who are preparing for a Halloween party. During the festivities, one of them tells the story of Gilbert Gacy (Cody Banks). Gacy, who dressed as a clown was a deranged serial killer who murdered in that very house. Shortly after freaking everyone out, Gacy shows up, and the body count begins to rise.

Story number two is Doll From Hell. Mike (Mike Crawford) is decorating his house for the spooky season and comes across a little clown doll. When Julia (Julia Farrell) swings on by, the doll mysteriously disappears. Later that night, at a Halloween party, the guests are mysteriously dying.

“…an anthology film, featuring three stories.”

The third segment is Deadly Premonition. Breana (Breana Mitchell) is walking around a carnival and decides to use one of those automated fortune teller machines (like in Big). The robotic sage warns Breana of grave danger in her future. She shrugs it off and heads home to hand out candy to trick or treaters. However, she soon discovers that her ex-boyfriend (Jarad Allen) has let jealousy get the better of him. Wearing a plastic clown mask, he stalks Breana throughout her home.

Some anthologies have different writers and/ or directors for each segment, but such is not the case for Clowns Of Halloween. Dustin Ferguson directed each one and wrote the first two sections; with John Klyza penning the final chapter. I really adore the focus of a different form of killer clown in each story. For me, House Of Giggles is the most entertaining. While the characterizations throughout are simple, the filming of the Gacy story being told is creepy. Banks is excellent as the murdering clown, and his first kill is surprising.

Clowns Of Halloween (2019)

Directed: Dustin W. Ferguson

Written: Dustin W. Ferguson, John Klyza

Starring: Dan Peters, Kerrie Waybright, Cody Banks, Mike Crawford, Julia Farrell, Benito Garcia, Vanessa Smith, Breana Mitchell, Jarad Allen, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Clowns Of Halloween Image

"…focus of a different form of killer clown in each story."

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