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Christmas Freak

By Kyle Bain | November 19, 2021

Christmas comes but once a year to everyone except for Rudy Rotnase (Sean Marlow). Rudy is obsessed with Christmas and celebrates it every single day of the year. His neighbors, coworkers, and even his mother believe that Rudy is crazy, and they have grown terribly tired of his shenanigans. Rudy is most certainly a Christmas freak, but his intentions are always good. Writer/director Sean Brown’s Christmas Freak is the story of hope for those who have none.

My goodness, it’s been some time since I’ve seen something like Christmas Freak. The acting is subpar, the story wild, the characters rather unique, and much of what occurs throughout is nothing short of odd. The entirety of the film is exaggerated in an attempt to get its point across, and while the acting in this film isn’t great, I believe that it’s intentional. Every word out of Marlow’s mouth amplifies what he is expressing, and viewers have no choice but to listen.

Rudy is obsessed with Christmas and celebrates it every single day…”

Rudy is different and knows it, as does everyone else. Throughout Christmas Freak, the filmmaker makes it a point to show how Rudy is perceived. However, there are moments sprinkled throughout in which Rudy is understood and seen. These moments shine the brightest. Understanding that everyone has a place in this world, regardless of how different, is the reason the film finds success, as it accurately conveys a glimmer of hope that is especially felt the world over during the holiday season.

I’m a proponent of the idea that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and Christmas Freak backs that theory. While the film is childish, it captures the true essence of what Christmas is meant to be, and those watching can’t help but feel at least a tinge of happiness while watching. I can’t picture anyone not being in the Christmas spirit after watching this film. It’s cute, funny, quirky, and full of nonstop Christmas references.

Christmas Freak is a strange film that, on the surface, appears to serve no purpose. But, as viewers dive deep between the lines of the narrative and see what Brown truly has to offer the world, they behold something beautiful. Their fears slip away, and their hopes become more than a dream. The film’s purpose isn’t necessarily to entertain like other films, but rather to teach a lesson.

Christmas Freak (2021)

Directed and Written: Sean Brown

Starring: Sean Marlow, Amy Hagan, David Drumgold, Gemma Bulos, John Doyle, David Basila, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Christmas Freak Image

"…cute, funny, quirky, and full of nonstop Christmas references."

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  1. Gemma Bulos (Producer, Co-composer/Music Producer/Performer and "Mom") says:

    What a stunning review of Christmas Freak, Kyle. Thank you so much for watching the film! We are so glad you enjoyed it! You really captured the essence – John Waters meets Burl Ives! Thanks again! We are so grateful!

  2. Sean Marlow says:

    Kyle’s ability to turn a phrase did not prevent me from accepting the kindness expressed in his review. Merry Christmas!

  3. Gavin Glynn says:

    You got it a Kyle! It’s a modern day Dante’s Inferno in a Galileo’s reversal of proving the positive in the negative. It’s a valentine to John Waters and Divine! Sean Marlow is a finely tuned actor who did exactly as you suspected were his intentions and objectives! Is there anything beyond Christmas? Yes! LOVE ACTUALLY!

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