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Case 347

By Bobby LePire | March 28, 2020

That is not to state that the possible alien encounters are the least interesting parts of the film because they are not. But the events, such as a girl inexplicably moving miles down the road in seconds, are icing on the cake. They tell the audience that something big is coming, just wait. The wait is worth it.

Not everything with Case 347 is as strong, though. Richard Gilliland’s Dr. Gustaf Berchum is largely here for exposition and to fill in gaps involving Mia’s dad. Mind you, Gilliland is fine in the role, but his first major scene does slow the momentum of the film down a bit. Also, there are a few cliches the film relies on that make certain parts predictable. The film starts with text claiming that a freedom of information act has released this footage. How and why the government got the footage is unclear (there is no government or military presence at all). But none of these impact the film’s tension or quality all that much.

“…little moments like this…grounds the film itself and authentically humanizes the trio.”

Helping the film overcome these minor quibbles, is the acting. Stojan is incredible as Mia. She is believable as a psychologist, and her frustration at her’s dad theories about what happened to him and others is palpable. Chris Wax is also excellent as Charlie. He and Mia used to be an item, and you can tell in the way they hold themselves around one another. It’s a subtle thing, but there’s a certain familiarity there that speaks volumes. As the more susceptible member of the group, Jason Kropik is a lot of fun. His attempts to get them to agree that these events are not normal and cannot be explained livens up the somewhat serious proceedings.

The supporting cast is also excellent. Shawn-Caulin Young is intimidating as the man who approaches the trio at the bar. Rod is the first abductee they get in contact with, and Johnny Dowers is fantastic as him. Before helping, he grills them about their intentions, ensuring they aren’t making something that will be poking fun or mocking what he thinks happened to him. Dowers plays well, bringing forth genuine concern and empathy in just one scene.

Case 347 relies on some cliches, and a few exposition dumps slow the momentum down here and there. But, the film is not hampered by either of these issues. The story’s focus on extraterrestrials and those supposedly visited by them is unique and feels realistic, which makes it all the more absorbing. The acting is absolutely top-notch, as everyone perfectly embodies their well-drawn, likable, and engaging characters.

Case 347 (2020 )

Directed and Written: Chris Wax

Starring: Maya Stojan, Chris Wax, Jason Kropik, Johnny Dowers, Richard Gilliland, Gabriela Garcia, Krista Allen, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Case 347 Image

"…goes a slightly different route than the countless other horror films seeking your attention."

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  1. Leslie D. says:

    Case 347 does an excellent job of drawing you into the story and getting you hooked on the plot. The characters are relatable and the relationships authentic. A highly recommended see for movie night!

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