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Warning: Caregiver: A Love Story, and therefore this review, contains a sensitive subject for some. The documentary captures Bambi Fass’s final months at home with her loved ones and the support of hospice as she fights terminal cancer.

This almost twenty-four minute short opens up with Fass sitting on her bed singing Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven with her family. She is very lively and positive for the first few moments of the movie as it seems that she has come to terms with the possibility that she may not live much longer. As the film goes on, Fass’s positivity diminishes along with her health. Although she is going through the worst end of the situation, her caregiver, who is also her husband Rick, is also dealing with the struggle of looking after a loved one who is quickly withering away.

“…[Bambi Fass] has come to terms with the possibility that she may not live much longer.”

I believe the intention of Caregiver: A Love Story is to help people understand how much hospice can help a person and their family when dealing with the last days of a loved one. It also opens up the conversation about healthcare in America and how hospice isn’t affordable for everyone.

As you can imagine, Caregiver: A Love Story is very difficult to watch. I recently became a caregiver, but I luckily have not had to deal with something as tough as the subjects here have. But I have seen and felt how tough it is to watch someone quickly get taken away by cancer.

This documentary shows both sides of the situation with accuracy. It does not leave anything out. Caregiver: A Love Story is authentic and very in your face about what a serious illness does to a family. If you can deal with watching something on this subject, I do recommend taking a look at this one.

Caregiver: A Love Story (2021)

Directed: Kevin Gordon, Jessica Zitter


Starring: Bambi Fass, Rick Tash, Jessica Zitter, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

Caregiver: A Love Story Image

"…opens up the conversation about healthcare in America..."

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