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By Bobby LePire | November 4, 2019

In Calambre! that point-and-shoot style is worth it. The dialogue is natural and flows in a familiar way, even when characters are saying the opposite. When Ralphy is trying to explain to Silvia that their night together was “more than a one night stand,” she gets hung up on the phrase one-night stand. She’s positive since that is how Ralphy described it, that is how he must have thought about them being together. In a way, she’s not wrong, even though Ralphy believes he is stating the opposite.

Another fun bit comes when Wally, his significant other Janelle (Glenis Hunter), and the poet are at the bar. Superpowers, specifically what one would you have if you could, are brought up. Janelle wants teleportation, which she insists would include time travel. Her argument why sounds like several conversations I have had with a lot of my friends.


“…to tell a dramatic story of clinging to your past with an uncertain future.”

Without giving anything away, it should be noted that the very end of the movie works beautifully. It is a genuinely affecting moment, that is perfectly played by Amaury Renaso. He is terrific throughout the entirety of the drama. His chemistry with his costars is tremendous, and he sells the melancholy of a time he is wistful for, a time long past, stunningly. Danny Borbon, as Wally, the best friend, is also outstanding. When trying to convince Ralphy to go out later tonight with a rather irritating former high school buddy, Borbon sells his need for Ralphy to do this convincingly.

Diaz is excellent in her dual roles. While she’s given more to do as Silvia, her voice-overs as Tiffany exude pain and heartbreak. As Janelle, Hunter is a ton of fun. She’s charming and witty, and one can easily understand while the somewhat more serious Wally would be drawn to her. Mariana Quinn-Makwaia shines brightly as the peppy Julia. When she first calls out to Ralphy, and then explains that she wasn’t sure if it was the author or not, the moment is quite cute.

Calambre! aims to tell a dramatic story of clinging to your past with an uncertain future. Thanks to a phenomenal script and a remarkable cast, writer-director Carlos Renaso deftly achieves this goal.

Calambre! (2019)

Directed and Written: Carlos Renaso

Starring: Amaury Renaso, Danny Borbon, Glenis Hunter, Ana Roshelle Diaz, Mariana Quinn-Makwaia, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Calambre! Image

"…the dialogue is natural and flows in a familiar way…"

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